AMD shows off 45nm wafers, quad-core systems

During an event in Monterey, California, AMD has demonstrated a 300mm silicon wafer based on its 45nm process technology. As TG Daily reports, the wafer is code-named "Typhoon" and contains 45nm dies that combine SRAM and logic. AMD expects to ramp 45nm production at the end of this year and to have 45nm processors out the door in the middle of 2008. Incidentally, AMD CTO Phil Hester told TG Daily that claims made by Intel about AMD facing yield issues "are rubbish" and "wishful thinking on [Intel's] side."

At the same event, AMD also showed off two systems based on its next-generation, quad-core desktop processor nicknamed "Agena FX." The first system contained a single chip and was running with DDR2-1066 memory and an ATI Radeon HD 2900 graphics card, while the second had two quad-core chips running side by side. AMD didn't show any benchmark results, but according to the report, the second system was "able to convert 720p video from one format to another (the company declined to comment on file formats) in real time – while maxing out all eight cores at the same time."

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