VoodooPC offers hybrid Blu-ray, HD DVD drives

Boutique PC vendor and now HP subsidiary VoodoPC has added new high-definition format support to some of its PCs. But instead of picking sides in the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war, the vendor has gone with both. VoodooPC tells us it is now offering a drive that can not only read and write Blu-ray discs, but also read HD DVD discs as an option in its gaming machines. Aside from HD format support, the drive can also read and write both DVDs and CDs. Of course, those privileges don't come cheap; this LG drive adds over $800 to the price of VoodooPC's already expensive systems, such as the $5,900 Omen. Nonetheless, with both Nvidia and AMD playing up HDMI and high-definition video playback capabilities, it's interesting to see an enthusiast PC vendor make the jump and offer support for both HD formats.
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