Poll: What AA mode do you typically use?

After our poll about multiple-display setups last week, we've decided to revisit graphics. This time, we're quizzing you about which antialiasing mode you most often use in games. The answer to this question largely depends on the graphics card in your main PC, since cheaper cards generally don't have the necessary horsepower to handle AA with fluid frame rates in most titles. But then there are those with GeForce 8800 cards who probably have AA cranked up in nearly all the games they play. What about you? Are you not bothered by jaggies, or do you typically have AA enabled? Feel free to to vote and let us know.

Our last poll asked you how many displays you had hooked up to your primary PC. The results are somewhat surprising: exactly a third of those who voted run dual-head setups, and less than two thirds—63%, to be exact—have only one monitor. The remainder is split between users who have three displays (3%), and those who decided to emulate the bridge of the USS Enterprise by running four or more displays (1%).

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