Phenom quad-core CPUs coming for Christmas?

For a while now, we've been hearing rumors AMD's next-generation Phenom quad-core processors will be out in the third quarter of this year, but a new report by DailyTech casts some doubt on those rumors. The report quotes AMD's executive VP and CFO Robert Rivet as saying, "Quad-core, codenamed Barcelona will launch later this summer, in the July, August kind of time frame -- followed by [Agena FX] on the desktop." Discussing desktop quad-core processors, Rivet adds, "That'll launch a little after the server part, it'll be called Agena. You'll see that in the Christmas line-up." Mention of the Christmas lineup seems to suggest the chips will launch in the fourth quarter rather than the third. At that point, the quad-core Phenom may quickly have to contend with Intel's upcoming 45nm desktop processors.
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