Apple bruised in fall, distortion field ruptured

The little computer company that could [be snooty] had a rough day today. Like Intel, they issued a warning that sales were weak in the fourth quarter, and earnings would be off. Now in the grand scheme, I wouldn't call this one a big deal; they said they'd probably earn $110 rather than the $165 million previously expected. But the green-eyeshade types got very woozy on seeing Apple's sales numbers, and the company's stock dropped 46% in after-hours trading. Ow. Why so harsh?

My theory is that Steve Job's reality distortion field momentarily lost power.

While the field is down, you might wanna check out this dual G4 versus dually 1GHz PIII benchmark page that sharp-eyed TR reader Eric Schwartz sent along. Maybe with the field down, exposure to benchmarks will have some effect on even the hardened Mac freaks.

Oh, and thanks to Sofa King for the heads up on the earnings story.

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