Deal of the week: A cheap GeForce 8600 GT

Nvidia introduced its GeForce 8600 GT together with a whole lineup of affordable DirectX 10 offerings less than a month ago, and already the card is becoming available for less than its official launch price. For our deal post this week, we've selected this XFX GeForce 8600 GT, which ZipZoomFly is currently offering for a scant $139.99. The card doesn't offer the luxury of being "overclocked" out of the box, but it's selling for $10 less than the 8600 GT's launch price range of $149-159. Like most XFX cards, this particular model is also covered by a "double lifetime" warranty, whereby XFX vows to cover both new and second-hand cards. That should make for a nice bump to the card's resale price if you desire to eventually part with it.
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