It's official: AMD names K10 chips 'Phenom'

Confirming the rumors we heard last week, AMD has officially announced the name of its next-generation processors due out in the second half of this year: Phenom. High-end versions of the chip will be dubbed Phenom FX, vanilla quad-core flavors will be named Phenom X4, and dual-core derivatives will be branded Phenom X2. All versions of the chips will be based on AMD's upcoming K10 architecture, which features enhancements like 128-bit floating point units and shared L3 cache. AMD confirms that Phenom X4 and Phenom X2 processors will slip into both existing Socket AM2 and upcoming Socket AM2+ systems. As for Phenom FX processors, those will slip into dual-socket systems, just like AMD's existing Athlon 64 FX-70-series chips.

AMD has devised a whole new marketing emblem for its future K10-based Quad FX platform. Systems with pairs of quad-core Phenom FX processors as well as AMD graphics cards and AMD chipsets will be dubbed FASN8—pronounced "fascinate," AMD says. Those systems will be outfitted with DirectX 10-capable AMD Radeon HD 2000-series graphics cards and a "next-generation, high-performance chipset, due in the second half of 2007." FASN8, AMD boasts, will be the first all-AMD enthusiast platform.

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