Unreal Tournament 3 to have DirectX 10 support

A post made on Nvidia's developer blog brings interesting news regarding Epic Games' upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter, Unreal Tournament 3. The author of the blog post says he recently had lunch with Epic VP Mark Rein, and that Rein confirmed that "Unreal Tournament 3 will be DX10." The game will also be part of Nvidia's "The Way It's Meant To be Played" program, whereby Nvidia helps developers optimize their games for Nvidia graphics cards. Previous Unreal games, including Unreal 2, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Unreal 2004, were also part of the TWIMTBP program.

The Nvidia blog post doesn't say exactly how Unreal Tournament 3 will take advantage of DirectX 10, but more details are sure to seep out as the game's release draws near. Epic Games announced earlier this year that the title would come out some time in the second half of this year. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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