Google readies 'Universal Search'

According to a report by Reuters, Google plans to revamp its search engine starting tomorrow. The search company's VP of search and user experience Marissa Mayer is quoted as saying that on Wednesday, Google will introduce something called Universal Search. Mayer describes Universal Search as the following: "standard Google searches will draw results from separate Google properties that target information about books, local information, images, news, and video." Search results could combine matches from any site indexed by Google, including YouTube or Google Video.

Mayer goes on to say that Google will add more bodies of information to its search engine over time. "It's breaking down the silos of information that have been built up. It's a broad, long-term vision that will unfold over the next few years." Incidentally, to coincide with the search paradigm shift, Google intends to modify its layout slightly so that navigation links are available at the top of all Google pages.

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