• From WinInfo: Whistler Beta 1 to slip to October 25
  • Voodoo Extreme interviews 3dfx's Bubba Wolford
  • Techphiles interviews Abit's Scott Thirlwell
  • Silicon Graphics Zx10 visual workstation delivers fastest Windows NT performance on industry benchmarks
  • and DeEspona Infografica will distribute free high quality 3D models for special effects in films, TV and advertising
  • nV News reviews GamePC barebones system
  • Tom's Hardware boldly goes where some don't want to: WinMe exploration
  • Tweak3D's WinMe tweak guide
Processors and overclocking

  • Tech Extreme on next generation Motorola chips
  • Removal of L2 cache illustrated how-to (pictures)
  • Steve Foster's basic cooling block (exchanger) design
  • Guru3D overclocks Pentium III 700 FC-PGA
  • Gaming in 3D H2O craze

  • Tuning the Asus A7V at Tom's
  • t-break reviews Gigabyte 6VXD7 dual FC-PGA
  • AnandTech reviews MSI K7T Master socket A
  • Gamers Depot reviews AOpen AK33 socket A
  • Sharky Extreme reviews Abit BX133 RAID
  • The Tech Zone reviews Asus A7V
  • HardwareCentral reviews Abit K7T RAID
  • InsaneHardware reviews Abit BX133 RAID

  • FiringSquad's 3dfx V5 1.03 driver tests
  • PCinsight reviews 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
  • GamePC reviews Asus v7100 GF2 MX TwinView
  • ViaHardware reviews Guillemot Hercules Prophet GF2 MX

  • GamePC technology guide: DVD movies on your PC
  • Tech-Junkie takes the DVD backup challenge
  • InfoWorld's digital media survival guide
  • OCworkbench reviews Abit SP-50 home cinema speaker system
  • Neoseeker's Midiland MLi-490 4.1 speaker system review
  • ReactorCritical's DV for amateurs
  • ReactorCritical's magic of post production
Buyer's guides

Software reviews

  • The Duke of URL reviews Red Hat Linux 7
  • Tech Extreme reviews X-Setup
  • littlewhitedog on PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

  • Ars Technica on NTFS 5.0
  • StorageReview looks at Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32A ATAPI
  • The Tech Zone reviews Acer TravelMate 341TV notebook
  • Digit-Life reviews Samsung SGH-A100 cellphone
  • Next Dimension Hardware on Agilent's photonic switching platform
  • Neoseeker reviews Samsung Yepp E64 MP3 player
  • Virtual Hideout reviews PCMods fire stick kit
  • pcrave reviews Saitek Cyborg 3D USB gold
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