New motherboard boasts enigmatic AMD 570X chipset

As OC Workbench reports, Jetway has introduced a new motherboard (PDF) with a spanking new (and seemingly unannounced) chipset: the AMD 570X. The chipset isn't listed on the "AMD Chipsets" page on AMD's website yet, but AMD tells us it's based on the existing 580X—the rebadged version of the CrossFire Xpress 3200 core logic. It supports CrossFire multi-GPU configurations, just like its big brother, but not with 16 lanes per physical PCI Express x16 slot. Instead, the chipset's PCIe lane configuration is x16/x8.

Otherwise, the 570X is paired with the same SB600 south bridge as the new 690G. As such, the Jetway M2A581-SGE motherboard has two PCI Express x1 slots, four 300MB/s Serial ATA ports with RAID support, one IDE port, and eight-channel "Azalia" high-definition audio. The board also includes Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, courtesy of a Realtek RT8111B PCIe chip.

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