Phenom FX, X4 scheduled for September-October?

Yesterday, we heard rumors that AMD's Barcelona server processor might have been delayed until August or September. Now, Fudzilla reports that the desktop derivative of Barcelona—recently dubbed Phenom by AMD—won't be out until the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter. The site says AMD's time frame for the launch of Phenom FX and Phenom X4 quad-core chips hasn't changed, but that the chips won't hit stores before September or October. Users will have to wait until later in the fourth quarter—potentially October or December—for dual-core Phenom X2 processors.

A September-October launch for AMD's quad-core chips isn't as bad as the Christmas release suggested by AMD CFO Robert Rivet a week ago, but it'll still place AMD almost a year behind Intel on the quad-core front. (Although, as AMD is fond of pointing out, Intel's current quad-core chips are technically two dual-core dies on the same package and not a true quad-core design.)

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