Dell shows off futuristic DisplayPort LCD

The Video Electronics Standards Association approved the DisplayPort 1.1 standard last month, and as one might expect, monitor vendors are already working on DisplayPort-based LCD monitor prototypes. Dell, for one, showed off a futuristic-looking wide-screen model at a meeting in San Francisco, as Gearlog reports. The display is a pretty radical departure from Dell’s existing wide-screen designs like the popular 2007WFP. It doesn’t seem to have a bezel as such; instead, its front surface is covered entirely by a glass panel with a wide-screen LCD panel behind it, circular speaker holes on the sides, and see-through buttons imprinted into the lower-right corner.

Gearlog quotes Dell CTO Kevin Kettler as saying that DisplayPort will “redefine what an LCD monitor looks like.” The interface will allow displays with four times the resolution of current HDTVs, Kettler says, but it will also reduce the amount of electronics required compared to current displays, allowing for thinner, sleeker monitors. DisplayPort will allow integrated peripherals—”including audio, microphone, panel I/O and more”—to go through a single cable, as well. (Thanks to Engadget for the tip.)

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