Deal of the week: 2GB of RAM for $69.99

Aside from AMD chips, one of our favorite subjects for the weekly deal post has been memory. That's no surprise, because DDR2 memory prices have been plummeting over the past few months: 2GB of DDR2-667 RAM cost around $200 last Christmas, but now it's dipped below $100. For today's deal post, we've spotted a couple of very enticing memory deals over at Directron. The online retailer has a 2GB kit of Kingston DDR2-667 RAM on sale for just $69.99. For users who'd rather cough up a few extra bucks for DDR2-800 memory, Directron also sells a 2GB DDR2-800 Kingston kit for a scant $116.99.

Both kits are on sale and normally cost $82.99 and $159, respectively. Naturally, being sold by Kingston, they're backed by a lifetime warranty. We heard last month that memory prices would start rising again in the second half of this year, so this is probably a good time to indulge yourself in a memory upgrade.

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