Abit announces IP35 series motherboards

Abit IP35 Pro. Source: Abit.
We had a brief look at Asus' P5K Deluxe and P5K3 Deluxe motherboards in our review of Intel's new P35 chipset, and now Abit has unveiled a trio of motherboards based on the new core logic. The three boards are dubbed IP35 Pro, IP35, and IP35-E, and they all boast an Intel P35 Express chipset with support for 1333MHz front-side bus speeds and 45nm processors. However, Abit has chosen to omit DDR3 memory support in all three of these models, so even the high-end IP35 Pro only has official support for DDR2 RAM clocked up to 800MHz.

Nonetheless, the IP35 Pro is outfitted with enough features to keep most enthusiasts happy: two physical PCI Express x16 slots (in a x16/x4 lane configuration), six internal 300MB/s Serial ATA ports with RAID support, two external eSATA ports with RAID support, two FireWire ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, heat pipe-based Silent OTES chipset and power circuitry cooling, and support for Abit's μGuru overclocking, tweaking, and fan monitoring software. There's even a button on the rear I/O panel to clear the CMOS, should a failed overclock attempt render the board unable to post.

Moving down the line, the IP35 is similar to the IP35 Pro, but it does away the aforementioned CMOS clear button as well as the secondary physical PCIe x16 slot, an extra Gigabit Ethernet port, both external eSATA ports, and μGuru support. As for the IP35-E, it removes Serial ATA RAID support and bumps down the number of SATA ports to four. It also lacks heat pipe-based cooling and FireWire connectivity.

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