Folding update: TR slips into sixth place

Our valiant team of gerbil folders has finally overtaken the folks at Team Rage 3D, becoming the sixth best folding team on the planet. According to Stanford's Folding@Home team rankings, TR is now sitting pretty with a grand total of 179,659,271 points, compared to 179,507,800 points for Team Rage3D. That puts us in sixth place behind HardOCP, Overclockers Australia,, Maximum PC Magazine, and Alliance Francophone. Let's all give a big hand to our top folders including drfish, Leor, LordIcon, TheJuggernaut, emukbed, but also everyone else on team 2630. As always, whether you're already folding or not, feel free to join team 2630 and fold for TR. Instructions on how to get up and running are available on our folding page here.
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