Gigabyte intros nine new P35-, G33-based mobos

After Asus and Abit, it's now Gigabyte's turn to introduce a set of motherboards based on Intel's latest core logic. Gigabyte isn't joking around, either. The firm has announced no fewer than nine new motherboards: seven based on the P35 Express we've already reviewed, but also two based on the G33 Express integrated graphics chipset. The P35 mobos include the GA-P35-DS4, GA-P35-DQ6, GA-P35-DS3P, GA-P35-DS3R, GA-P35-DS3, GA-P35-S3, and GA-P35C-DS3R. Unlike Abit, Gigabyte has chosen to add support for DDR3 memory to one of its P35-based models—the GA-P35C-DS3R. Oddly, though, the GA-P35C-DS3R isn't Gigabyte's fanciest P35 mobo. That title probably belongs to either the GA-P35-DS4 or the GA-P35-DQ6, which both have a pair of PCI Express x16 slots (with a x16/x4 lane setup), a total of eight 300MB/s Serial ATA ports, and copper, heat pipe-based chipset and power circuitry cooling.

Gigabyte's G33 mobos are the GA-G33M-DS2R and the GA-G33-DS3R. They offer integrated Intel GMA 3100 graphics, DDR2 memory support, and compatibility with Intel's upcoming 45nm and 1333MHz FSB chips. The GA-G33M-DS2R is based on a MicroATX form factor, while the GA-G33-DS3R is full ATX. Interestingly, Gigabyte has chosen to outfit both boards with ICH9R south bridge chips, which puts sets of six 300MB/s SATA ports with RAID support on the menu. In fact, the firm has gone so far as to add an extra SATA controller to the GA-G33-DS3R, raising its total SATA port count to eight.

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