QuickTime doesn't play nice with RAID in Vista

Three weeks ago, Apple fixed a severe vulnerability in its QuickTime software that allowed malicious code to be executed via a web page or e-mail. But according to a report by TweakTown, there's another fairly serious issue that affects QuickTime. The site reports that users of Windows Vista who run RAID arrays with an Intel ICH8R chipset are vulnerable to a QuickTime problem that causes RAID errors.
I discovered that there is an issue with QuickTime and Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit versions). Whenever you attempt to play a QuickTime movie file that is on the RAID array, it will crash QuickTime and leave you thinking you have a dead drive that needs to be replaced. In actual fact, once you have Intel Matrix Storage Console installed and in Advanced View, you can just mark the bad drive as normal and then the array will automatically rebuild.
TweakTown adds, "If you are running RAID with redundancy, it will say 'Data redundancy is being restored'." However, users of RAID 0 setups (in which drives are striped without any redundancy) may not be so lucky. "If you are running RAID 0, I really don’t know what would happen – you might lose all your data," the site says.
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