IBM officially launches its Power6 processor

Keeping its promise to have servers running Power6 processors out by mid-June, IBM has officially launched its Power6 chip. IBM doesn't mince words when talking about the Power6: it dubs the new product "the fastest microprocessor ever built." The Power6 has just two cores, but both of them run at a blistering 4.7GHz—2.5 times faster than the speediest Power5+ processor. The Power6 also has double the bandwidth and over four times as much cache as the Power5+. Because the Power6 is based on 65nm silicon-on-insulator process technology, IBM boasts the new chip "doubles the speed of the previous generation POWER5™ while using nearly the same amount of electricity to run and cool it."

To accommodate its new hotness, IBM has also introduced a new server: the System p 570. According to IBM, this machine "claims the No.1 spots in the four most widely used performance benchmarks for Unix servers – SPECint2006 (measuring integer-calculating throughput common in business applications), SPECfp2006 (measuring floating point-calculating throughput required for scientific applications), SPECjbb2005 (measuring Java™ performance in business operations per second) and TPC-C (measuring transaction processing capability)"—a first for a single system.

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