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Apparently the repairs being made to the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion field © are having some strange side effects. A word of warning, the following info is from MacOS Rumors -- the site that gives new meaning to the word "rumor". Now that that's out of the way, on with the news. MacOS Rumors is reporting on some interesting developments in the Mac hardware area. Apparently Apple might be pushing MP Mac research to the next level. Check it out:

4 and even 8-processor PMG4s are being tested at Infinite Loop, and at least one major third-party Apple hardware testing site has sent in extensive reports on a 600MHz/4-processor model. Reports have been very positive overall -- under OS X Beta, tester sources saw performance in Photoshop 6.0 as much as 65% faster than a quad-processor Windows2000 system using 1.1GHz AMD Athlon processors. Overall performance was a solid 40% faster.

Quad Athlons? Uh-huh. And as if that weren't enough...

Although these rumors are still in need of much confirmation before they should be used to influence decisions of any importance, MOSR has received numerous pieces of recon suggesting that Apple has tested dual-G4 Powerbook and iBook configurations, and iMacs with at least four processors if not more. In fact, Apple is apparently working on an unusually large number of MP G4 prototypes -- suggesting that the Mac may make greater use of multiprocessing, and far sooner, than once thought.

Woah. It appears that Apple is taking the 3dfx approach to shipping faster products. I'ld just like to know who's going to be buying these 4-way iMacs. If these rumors even have the slightest shred of truth to them (about as likely as Sharky writing a one-page review), the guys over at Apple really need to put the crack pipe down and back away slowly.. No, seriously. Now if only they could get the G4 to scale higher than 600MHz...

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