Consumers mix up product brands, manufacturers

Despite multi-million dollar ad campaigns and other marketing efforts, consumers are having trouble associating product brands with the right semiconductor companies, according to a survey conducted by market research firm In-Stat. The survey, which quizzed consumers on products from AMD, IBM, Intel, Nvidia, and VIA, also suggests early adopters often fail to correctly match hardware offerings with their platforms. Naming similarities between products like Intel's Core 2 Duo, VIA's CoreFusion, and AMD's code-name Fusion CPU-GPU chimera don't seem to help matters, either.
"Recent moves away from the Pentium brand, coupled with attacks on the Celeron brand by AMD, have weakened Intel’s once near dominance in [the name recognition] area," says Ian Lao, In-Stat analyst. "In-Stat has long contended that evolving purchasing patterns resulting from changing usage patterns of computing solutions will likely weaken processor brands. The new alphanumeric numbering schemes implemented by several processor vendors appear to have accelerated this trend."
According to In-Stat's findings, consumers typically associate product brands with the wrong manufacturer in 17% to 50% of cases. On the graphics card front in particular, In-Stat says AMD's Radeon brand and Nvidia's GeForce brand have recognition rates "greater than 40%"—perhaps not bad in the grand scheme of things, but certainly not great, especially considering how long those brands have been around.
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