AMD committed to process technology schedule

During a meeting with analysts yesterday, AMD reiterated its plans to complete its transition to 65nm process technology and to introduce its first 45nm chips on time, as eWeek reports. AMD says it is "on schedule" to fully ramp 65nm production at both Fab 36 and its new Fab 38, the overhauled version of its 200mm Fab 30, later this year. eWeek quotes AMD Director of Manufacturing Technology Tom Sonderman as saying that AMD plans "full, 65-nanometer microprocessor manufacturing by the middle of this year"—presumably meaning that 90nm chips will stop being produced by then. As for 45nm production, Sonderman says AMD still plans to deliver 45nm processors by the middle of next year. Pilot lines for the AMD's 45nm process technology are "already running in Dresden [the home of AMD's fabs in Germany]," Sonderman adds.
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