AMD Griffin chip spotted

Last week, AMD spilled the beans on its upcoming Puma mobile platform and the assorted Griffin mobile processor. Charlie over at The Inquirer is now at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, California, and he's been lucky enough to snap a photo of what he says is a Griffin chip. The pin arrangement on the back of the package looks similar to the one for the existing S1 socket, which houses dual-core Turion 64 X2 processors with DDR2 memory support.

Physically, the Griffin chip's die looks rather small, especially when compared to a existing 90nm Turion 64 X2. That's not too surprising, of course, since Griffin is based on AMD's new 65nm process. Griffin processors are expected to pack 1MB of L2 cache per core and feature new power saving features, including split power planes and HyperTransport 3.0 link scaling.

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