Nvidia releases 'Human head' demo

Source: Nvidia.
Earlier this month, we linked to a rather impressive video that showed a 3D model of actor Doug Jones' head being rendered in real time on an Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card. Nvidia has now publicly released the demo, and the 106.8MB installer can be downloaded from this page on Nvidia's nZone website.

Nvidia says the minimum system requirements for the demo are a GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card, a copy of Windows XP, and 512MB of system memory. However, that's not strictly true: we tried to run the demo on a system with a GeForce 7900 GTO graphics card, and it behaved, albeit at less-than-smooth frame rates. Far from being a fancy DirectX 10 exclusive, this demo should allow even users of systems a couple of years old to enjoy seeing Doug Jones' individual skin pores rendered in real time.

Update: 2560x1600 screenshots of the demo are available here on the Beyond3D forums.

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