Motherboard maker EPoX facing closure?

EPoX hasn't made many headlines since the glory days of the nForce2-based 8RDA+ and 8RDA3+, but the motherboard manufacturer is still alive today, with a line of reasonably recent motherboards based on Intel's P965 and Nvidia's nForce 500-series chipsets. Or at least, it was still alive a couple of months ago. As OC Workbench reports, EPoX hasn't updated its global website in over two months, and word on the street is that the company may be on the verge of collapse.
It looks like second tier motherboard manufactuer EPoX has kicked the bucket - rumour has it staff haven't been paid for as long as two months. . . . The company seems recalcitrant to acknowledge its insolvency. Employees have left in floods.
The last we heard of EPoX was back in March 2006, when the firm's offices in Taiwan were raided as part of an investigation into embezzlement charges. Company chairman Steve Hsiao was alleged to have embezzled the equivalent of no less than $26.2 million between 2001 and 2003.

EPoX may not be going away completely, though. OC Workbench says the rumor mill claims EPoX has set up a new company named SuPoX in order to take on its product lines and carry the proverbial torch. We are attempting to contact EPoX for comment.

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