AACS 1.0 to include managed copy features

The Advanced Access Content System (AACS) copy protection implemented in Blu-ray and HD DVD discs has been cracked numerous times, but the licensing administration behind AACS now wants to give users a legal way to copy their high-definition media. As HDTV UK reports, the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administration has revealed that it is working to implement so-called "managed copy" features in version 1.0 of the AACS protection scheme. AACS LA spokesman Michael Ayers had the following to say about those managed copy features:
The final version [of AACS] will include things like managed copy--which will address the main thing that hackers claim they're interested in.

The structure of managed copy, how it's technically going to work, what will the rules and conditions for the offer of a managed copy beā€”part of it is just understanding the rights in offering a managed copy, the rights a content owner may or may not have. Potentially, you could have a situation where somebody has the right to distribute on disc, but nothing else; or, the distribution rights are limited to a specific region or continent.

HDTV UK adds, "Each disc can have different rights attributed to it." The site expects such measures will do nothing to quell cracking attempts. Nonetheless, they could make life easier for users who'd like to copy discs without breaking the law and using potentially shady software. (Thanks to DailyTech for the link.)
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