Panel pricing changes could favor wide-screen LCDs

According to a report by DigiTimes, prices for 17" and 19" LCD panels are likely to increase by $10 in June. That's not a very significant rise, but DigiTimes says prices for those panels already went up by $8-19 early this month. Another price increase could therefore mean average selling prices for 17" and 19" panels will hit $125 and $145 next month, respectively. By contrast, current average selling prices for 19" and 20" wide-screen panels are a respective $125 and $135, and DigiTimes' sources believe those prices aren't likely to budge. Although supply of 19" and 20" wide-screen panels is tight, 17" and 19" panels are reportedly even scarcer.

If the pricing shift occurs as expected, DigiTimes says system makers may very well "change their purchasing strategies," presumably to favor wide-screen displays over models based on 5:4 aspect ratios.

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