Next-gen AMD motherboard supports quad CrossFire

Nearly a year has passed since Nvidia first introduced its Quad SLI-capable GeForce 7950 GX2 dual-PCB graphics card. Quad SLI performance has been underwhelming, as we've seen ourselves, but AMD may be planning to test the quad-GPU waters with a new CrossFire platform. OC Workbench has details and photos of a system based on AMD's upcoming 790 chipset that sports four PCI Express slots and is capable of running as many graphics cards in a CrossFire multi-GPU setup.

The pictured machine probably won't be breaking any speed records anytime soon. The graphics cards it features are Radeon X1600 Pros, and OC Workbench briefly explains, "The interesting thing is that CrossFire works even with 4 cards, but performance is not ready for 4 cards to improve the performance." AMD's 790 chipset is expected to complement AMD's next-generation K10-based Phenom processors when they arrive later this year.

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