Dr. Damage asks: Orphaned video cards in Win2K?

Got a letter from a reader today asking where he could find Windows 2000 drivers for his Voodoo 2 card. Seemed like a simple request to me, so I surfed over to www.3dfx.com to find him the exact URL, and I was surprised to find that there were no Win2K drivers available for the V2. Now the V2 is old, but using one is still a lot better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (or with Intel 810 graphics). Is this thing really orphaned in Win2K, or can this guy use the NT 4.0 drivers to get his V2 running in Win2K? Any ideas?

On a similar note, I recall hearing that ATI wouldn't support their Rage Fury MAXX in Windows 2000. Sure enough, it's still unsupported. Now, of all six of you who actually purchased a MAXX, have any of you guys managed to hack this puppy to work in Win2K?

Win2K is different from NT 4.0, but I know from having mixed TNT OpenGL drivers that it's not so different as to make a little hacking around impossible. Any successes?

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