PQI unveils fast 256GB solid-state drive

Solid-state drives may be a long way from catching up with mechanical storage on the desktop, but they seem to be getting awfully close on the notebook side of things. PQI has announced a 2.5" solid-state drive that boasts a capacity of 256GB—right in the same league as the latest and greatest notebook hard drives. Not only that, but PQI's 256GB SSD Turbo+ drive is no slouch on the performance side of things. It's based on a Serial ATA interface, and PQI boasts that it "features transfer rates of up to 60MB/sec."

This drive is probably quite a bit more expensive than 2.5" notebook hard drives, but it nonetheless appears to be more than competitive on the capacity and performance fronts. And PQI definitely has high hopes for its solid-state drives in the future. The company says it expects that SSDs will replace as much as 30% of the mechanical storage market next year. (Thanks to Gizmodo for the tip.)

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