Tim Sweeney talks Unreal Tournament 3 tech details

The folks at German PC gaming hardware magazine, er, PC Games Hardware scored an interview with Epic Games' Tim Sweeney regarding Epic's highly-anticipated multiplayer shooter, Unreal Tournament 3. The original interview is in German, but someone known as Doc Shock from the Epic Games forums was nice enough to provide a rough translation, which can be accessed here. In the interview, Sweeney provides a few interesting nuggets of information about the technical aspect of UT3. One of those relates to what kind of hardware users will need to run the game well:
PCGH: How do the general hardware requirements look like? Epic: Since optimization work is still ongoing, these details may change every day. Generally speaking, the game runs quite smooth with DX9 hardware released by NVidia and Ati since 2006. On high-end cards, including the DX10 models, UT3 runs incredibly smooth already. Additionally, we also support shader 2.0 graphics hardware, with only a few technical limitations.
Sweeney also discusses DirectX 10. UT3 will indeed take advantage of DX10, "with multi-sampling being the biggest visible benefit." Sweeney adds, "with DX10 under Vista we have the possibility to use the video memory more efficently, to be able to display textures with a higher grade of detail . . . Most effects of UT3 are more bound to the fillrate than to basic features like geometry processing. That's why DX10 has a great impact on performance, while we mostly forgo the integration of new features."

For all the game's next-gen features, though, users of 64-bit systems may not get any special treats. Sweeney explains that UT3 has been tested in 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, but he goes on to say, "We're planning to wait and see first, until the OS and its applications will have ripened, before we'll be taking further steps in the 64 Bit direction."

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