New embedded Sempron has 9W power rating

AMD may be hard at work on its next-generation Phenom processors, but it still spends a fair amount of time catering to the embedded market. After adding several Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, and Opteron processors to its AMD64 Longevity Program and introducing its M690 embedded chipset earlier this year, AMD is now back with new low-power Sempron and Geode chips aimed at embedded systems.

The new Sempron 2100+ (PDF) is particularly interesting. This chip features a single core clocked at a scant 1GHz, and it's rated for power output of just 9W, which AMD says makes it ripe for fanless designs. The chip is based on AMD's S1 socket and supports DDR2-400 memory, too, making it compatible with AMD's M690 chipset. According to AMD, the Sempron 2100+ will find its place in single-board systems and embedded designs like thin clients, point-of-sale systems, and kiosks.

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