Apple bringing YouTube to the Apple TV

Just over two months ago, Apple shipped the Apple TV, a set-top device primarily designed to allow users to play videos purchased on the iTunes Store on their TV. The device sports a 40GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, a variety of input and output ports, and a $299 price tag.

Well, Apple has now announced that it's expanding the Apple TV family in two ways. First, starting in mid-June, Apple will let users stream videos wirelessly from YouTube and play them on a wide-screen TV. "Using Apple TV’s elegant interface and simple Apple Remote, viewers can easily browse, find and watch free videos from YouTube in the comfort of their living room," Apple claims. Only a selection of "thousands" of YouTube videos will be available at first, but YouTube will keep adding videos until the full catalog is available in the fall.

Apple's second change to the Apple TV family is the addition of a new model priced at a heftier $399. This pricier version quadruples the original's hard drive capacity to 160GB, but Apple doesn't seem to have made any other changes to the hardware or enclosureThe new Apple TV is available from the Apple Store here.

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