Poll: Is Surface a sign of things to come?

Our poll this week is about Microsoft's Surface interactive table. While it's really little more than a computer squeezed into a table, a DLP projector, and a set of infrared cameras, Surface has been billed by some as the future of computers because of its simple tactile interface. At the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital Conference, Bill Gates said even he was surprised by the positive reception Surface received. He also suggested that his vision for the future was to make every surface in the home an, er, Surface. So, what's your take? Is Surface really as potentially revolutionary as some people say, or is it just an overpriced gimmick? Feel free to vote to let us know how you feel.

Last week, we polled your operating system of choice, asking "Are you running a 16-bit, 32-bit, or 64-bit OS on your main PC? The results aren't too surprising: the vast majority of our readers—a whopping 81%—is still running a 32-bit OS. Less than a fifth, at 18%, have already made the move to 64 bits. Meanwhile, 1% of users say they have no idea what they run, and it looks like nobody is old-school enough to still be running a 16-bit OS on their primary machine.

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