Intel's X38 chipset to be a power hog?

When we reviewed Intel's new P35 Express core logic chipset, we noticed that its power consumption was notably higher than that of Intel's previous P965 and 975X chipsets, even when we used the same type of memory with all three. Well, the folks at VR-Zone have word that the X38 Express—Intel's upcoming top-of-the-line enthusiast chipset that will have support for PCI Express 2.0 and multi-GPU configurations with dual 16-lane PCI Express slots—may also have rather high power consumption.

VR-Zone says the X38's north bridge chip will don a heat spreader, a feature uncommon for Intel north bridges. According to motherboard manufacturers, the chipset "runs pretty hot when running dual graphics cards in x16/x16 mode. It runs up to more than 60 degrees [Celsius] in this case." The site adds that mobo makers plan to outfit their X38 motherboards with elaborate heatpipes to keep the chipset cool.

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