AMD, Intel said equally viable for enterprise PCs

For the past few days, AMD has been trumpeting a paper by the Gartner Research Group that says AMD and Intel systems are on equal footing for business customers. The "Desktop Recommended Configurations, April 2007 Update" paper has been given a choice spot on AMD's site here, and it's definitely an interesting read. Right off the bat, Gartner lists this item as one of its key findings:
AMD has partnered with major OEMs to build enterprise-class PCs with Athlon-64 microprocessors. With appropriate image stability commitments and warranty, AMD based systems are as viable as Intel-based systems.
In the analysis section of the paper, Gartner elaborates by stating that AMD's newfound viability in the enterprise market is simply a result of companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo releasing AMD-based enterprise systems. Gartner believes those companies finally moved to adopt AMD due to a combination of the success of the Opteron processor, increased differentiation in AMD's product lineup, and the overall technical superiority of Athlon 64 processors over Intel's Netburst-based chips.

Gartner concedes that the Core 2 Duo has the performance edge for the time being, but it goes on to say, "For the most part, AMD's performance has been more than acceptable for general computing requirements." In the enterprise, extra performance headroom is "a luxury but, for the most part, irrelevant," Gartner adds. However, the research firm says it doesn't recommend AMD processors for power users because, with the exception of Dell, it says PC vendors don't offer Athlon 64 X2 chips faster than the 4600+ model in their enterprise systems.

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