Valve survey reveals gamer hardware trends

Valve is running a new hardware survey of Steam users, and while the results aren't exactly scientific, a sample size of close to 350,000 does reveal some interesting trends. Steam users are practically split down the middle on the processor front, with just over 51% favoring Intel CPUs. More than 21% of respondents are running two CPU cores, as well.

Nvidia has a clear lead when it comes to graphics, with the green team pushing pixels for over 58% of respondents. Those running ATI graphics drivers make up less than 37%, with a lowly 2.4% stuck with Intel integrated graphics. Nvidia's commanding lead comes largely on the strength of its mid-range and budget GPUs, with the GeForce 6600, 7600, and FX 5200 taking the top three spots overall. In fact, 10 of the 13 most popular graphics cards in the survey bear the GeForce name.

Other interesting tidbits include Realtek's dominance of the audio segment, with over 37% of respondents fearing the crab. By comparison, only 3% of respondents are running a SoundBlaster X-Fi. Users continue to favor Windows XP over any other operating system by a huge margin, as well. Close to 93% of those surveyed have XP under the hood, with just over 5% running Vista.

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