XFX demos passively cooled GeForce 8600 GT

COMPUTEX — We’ve been roaming the halls of Computex all day today, and we’ve come across some interesting new products along the way. One of those is a new graphics card by XFX dubbed the GeForce 8600 GT Fatal1ty Professional Series. This was the only new product XFX unveiled, but the firm played up the card’s release by having Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel appear at the launch event and make a speech about his belief in the credibility of pro gaming.

This card is a version of the GeForce 8600 GT that’s both overclocked and outfitted with a passive cooler. Its core speed was pushed to a blistering 620MHz and its memory runs at no less than 850MHz. That’s quite a bit faster than Nvidia’s stock GeForce 8600 GT, which has respective core and memory speeds of 540MHz and 700MHz—and, of course, a regular air cooler.

XFX tells us the card should be available immediately with a $200 price tag. The firm was mute on how high the passive cooler pushes temperatures, but it may not be that high, because XFX says overclockers might be able to squeeze even higher clock speeds out of this card.

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