New cases, PSUs abound at Antec

COMPUTEX — Antec had a plethora of new and not-so-new enclosures and other products on display today, but a few caught our eye in particular. The first is the New Overture home theater PC case, pictured here:

This is a home theater PC case with “flipped” layout similar to that of Antec’s P180 and its brethren. The New Overture is capable of accommodating a full ATX motherboard, and it comes with two 120mm TriCool fans, the speeds of which can be adjusted from the back of the case. Despite the picture, though, the New Overture won’t come bundled with a power supply.

Also on display was the upcoming Antec Twelve Hundred. This case will come out in two models: one with support for water cooling, and one without. Both will come equipped with 12 5.25″ bays capable of accommodating hard drives, a 200mm top fan (and an optional 200mm fan port on the side of the case), and an interchangeable rubber mat at the top—a finishing touch for users who like to leave gadgets or loose change on top of their PC.

One particularly interesting specimen was the Mini P180. This model is a shrunk version of Antec’s P182. It only takes Micro-ATX motherboards, and it has fewer 5.25″ drive bays than the P182. Nonetheless, the Mini sports a 200mm top-mounted fan—bigger than the 120mm model on the P182. The Mini P180 and Twelve Hundred are both due in time for the back-to-school season.

On the power supply front, Antec showed a pair of models in its upcoming TruePower Quatro line with power ratings of 850W and 1000W. The 850W model is coming out in June, while the kilowatt will follow in July.

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