— 10:14 AM on October 2, 2000


  • AMD to do RealAudio broadcast of analysts' conference call on October 11 at 2:30 PM Pacific
  • Sony PS2 delay due to DVD standards controversy
  • Digit-Life's September 2000 hardware digest
  • COMDEX information: naked commerce
  • Oracle to unveil 9i database at San Francisco's OpenWorld conference
  • Window Planet reports on the state of broadband in the UK
  • V.92 modem standard may be approved in November
  • Anand Shimpi (of AnandTech) has founded a nonprofit cancer research society to help Jeremy Allford and others
  • Survey results of music downloaders
Processors and cooling

  • Chick's Hardware's battle of the 1 GHz giants: Thunderbird vs. Coppermine
  • Jsi Hardware reviews Duron 700
  • Active-Hardware's addendum to their comparison of 1 GHz processors (AMD and Intel)
  • Hexus reviews GlobalWin FOP 38

  • FiringSquad reviews AOpen AX34 Pro II black beauty
  • SlotA reviews MSI K7T Master socket A w/onboard Ultra 160 SCSI
  • DW3D reviews AOpen motherboards: AX34 Pro and MX34 Apollo Pro 133A
  • [H]ard|OCP reviews Abit BX133 RAID
  • Soyo 7VBA 133 socket 370 Apollo Pro 133A review at Target PC

  • Kyle Bennett on Screensavers (video stream segment)
  • VR Zone updates their Detonator 6.xy comparison page
  • NVIDIA Detonator 3 Linux driver performance investigation at Tom's
  • Trainwrecker benches NVIDIA Detonator 6.31 driver (Intel and AMD)
  • VIAHardware's comparison of Voodoo 4 4500 vs. NVIDIA GF2 MX (tested on an Athlon 1 GHz)
  • HardwareCentral reviews Matrox G450
  • AVault reviews Matrox G450
Storage and multimedia

  • PlanetHardware consider the difference between onboard and controller card SCSI
  • 7200 RPM hard drive roundup at Technoyard
  • Tom's Hardware presents IEEE 1394 Firewire vs USB mass storage comparison
  • Sharky Extreme reviews Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card
  • Technoyard reviews Diamond Audio Promedia speaker system
Pot pourri

  • Cached's coverage of FRAG4 (downloads available)
  • GA-Hardware raps with Creative Labs' Bill Ball
  • GameGirlz interview with Alice's American McGee
  • ApusHardware reviews MS Whister build 2257
  • Tweak3D's inputs tweak guide (peripheral devices)
  • The Tech Zone reviews Antec SX830 workstation tower
  • Target PC reviews Epson Stylus 900N
  • Logitech Formula Force GP review at SE
  • BootMax reviews Logitech QuickCam express
  • Target PC reviews Netgear DB104 10/100 network kit
  • LinuxLookup reviews Mandrake 7.2 beta 2 (thanks Eva Sylvers)
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