Cooler Master preps new quiet case, PSUs

COMPUTEX — We dropped by Cooler Master’s suite at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei today and had a look at the firm’s new enclosures, cooling products, and power supplies. The most striking product is perhaps Cooler Master’s new Cosmos quiet case, which sports a design reminiscent of Antec’s P180.

The Cosmos positions the power supply at the bottom, albeit not in a separate compartment (there’s just a duct sitting next to the graphics card area). Cooler Master is being a little creative with airflow, though: the case will have negative pressure by default, with the only intake fan (a 120mm model) positioned at the bottom. One 120mm exhaust fan is located at the rear, and a couple of 120mm exhaust fans sit at the top of the case. The Cosmos also has holes at the back to accommodate a liquid cooling system, and the case’s side panels are padded with sound-insulating foam. But even with Cooler Master’s emphasis on low noise levels, the case is sufficiently ventilated to handle a pair of GeForce 8800 graphics cards.

In fact, Nvidia had a version of the the case on display running a pair of GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics cards—a testament to the case’s cooling abilities. The Cooler Master Cosmos is scheduled to hit stores in August with a price tag in the $200-220 range.

Also in August, Cooler Master plans to introduce a new line of Real Power Pro power supplies. These PSUs will be available with power ratings of 520W, 620W, and 700W. The former and latter will have modular cabling, while the 620W model will have a more conventional design. There will also be a top-of-the-line 1250W model that will have no fewer than six +12V rails—three rated for 28A of power output, and another three rated for 20W—for a total 1.125kW of +12V power.

Finally, keeping with the theme of unusual airflow paths, Cooler Master is readying a pair of CM Sphere coolers. These have a peculiar vertical fan, which CoolerMaster tells us draws air from the top of the cooler and exhausts it on the sides. In addition, Cooler Master is readying a smaller version of its dual-fan Geminii processor cooler, the Geminii S, which will support 92mm fans.

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