Corsair readies speedy DDR3, new PSUs

COMPUTEX — We dropped by Corsair’s suite at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei this morning and were treated to a display of the firm’s upcoming memory products. Corsair had several systems sporting various flavors of DDR3 memory:

One of those machines was running set of Corsair Dominator 1GB modules clocked at no less than 2000MHz:

Corsair says it expects to introduce DDR3-1600 modules next week and faster modules by the end of this month. It still isn’t sure what speed grade the latter will be, but DDR3-1866 is likely to get the final vote. As for DDR3-1600, Corsair plans to offer not only 1GB modules, but also 2GB modules in 4GB kits.

There were no new power supplies on display in Corsair’s suite, but the firm’s PSU guys certainly haven’t been sitting idle. In about a month, Corsair expects to launch new VX series power supplies. Compared to the existing 520W and 620W Corsair HX series PSUs, the VX models will be cheaper and bear power ratings of 450W and 550W. Despite the lower pricing, Corsair intends to stick with its formula of 80-85% efficiency and quiet cooling. Meanwhile, the HX series won’t get a power rating bump until the middle or later part of this year—Corsair says it’s already very pleased with how the existing models are selling.

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