Gigabyte displays X38 mobo, overclocking

COMPUTEX — We were invited at Gigabyte’s headquarters in Taipei this morning to take a look at the firm’s new motherboards. We also had a chance to listen to R&D VP Richard Chen talk about the boards’ “durable” features, although there was little material there that isn’t covered on Gigabyte’s site.

According to Gigabyte, low-resistance MOSFETs, ferrite core chokes, and solid capacitors help reduce heat dissipation and increase motherboard life expectancy. That’s especially important for overclockers, according to Gigabyte, since overclocked motherboards might have significantly shorter life spans than their unspoiled brethren. The company says a heavily overclocked motherboard might have a three-month life span, but a Gigabyte board overclocked similarly should last 18 times longer (four and a half years.)

Next up was a look at Gigabyte’s upcoming Intel X38 Express-based motherboard:

Gigabyte was also showing off a system with a GA-P35T motherboard overclocked to a front-side bus speed of 505MHz. That’s an “effective” 2020MHz if you factor in Intel’s quad-pumping voodoo.

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