Foxconn X38 mobo has dual memory support

COMPUTEX — We’ve seen a good number of motherboards based on Intel’s X38 chipset at Computex, but Foxconn’s appears to stand out from the crowd.

This board has a total of six memory slots, and it supports both DDR3 memory at speeds of up to 1333MHz and DDR2 memory running at up to 1066MHz. Other X38 boards, by comparison, have either DDR3 or DDR2 support only.

Other than dual memory support, Foxconn also says the board features durability-enhancing solid state capacitors, much like Gigabyte’s recent mobos.

Update: Actually, it looks like MSI’s upcoming X38 Diamond also has DDR2 and DDR3 memory support, even though MSI didn’t point it out when it was showing the board to us.

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