Friday night topic: Web comics

I have long been a Penny Arcade reader, but I haven’t really read any other web comics with regularity, although I’ve occasionally followed a link to a Ctrl+Alt+Del or PvP strip. This experience has helped form the impression in my mind that web comics tend to be about video games.

Thus, when I came across Order of the Stick recently, I assumed it was about online RPGs. Turns out it’s about the old-fashioned kind of RPGs involving pen, paper, and dice. Who knew? I never played such games, but my time spent in Guild Wars helped me to relate. I got sucked into the story arcs and devoured the entire OOTS backlog over the course of a week. Some very funny moments in there.

Now that I’m done with that, I’ve segued into reading some other web comics. I’ve just finished the Dueling Analogs archive, and I’m part-way into Extra Life, as well. 2P Start! may be up next, if I can stand another video game-related comic. Still, my top two are definitely PA and OOTS. Some of the others are kind of uneven, but the good news is that so many of them are better than the junk you see in the newspaper. The web seems to be saving an art form—or allowing it to flourish.

What web comics do you read? Have links to your favorite strips? Any popular web comics you don’t find funny? Are the best ones all about games and technology? Discuss.

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