Thermaltake has new cases, 2kW PSU

COMPUTEX — Thermaltake's booth at Computex was packed with various cooling products and enclosures, but a few really caught the eye. The first was the firm's SwordM case, a super-premium enclosure that uses hydraulics to keep open panels in place.

The case's hydraulics even allow its top to be opened at a slight angle in order to expel heat quicker on those hot summer days. The back of the case is also curved and enclosed, so cabling can run out of sight. And yes, the SwordM supports both water and air cooling.

In the power supply department, Thermaltake is working on PSUs with even higher wattages. The company was showing off ToughPower models with 1200W, 1500W, and 2000W ratings. Those can be expected in the middle of the year after Computex ends. The 1500W model has four +12V rails—two rated for 20A and two for 40A—for a total 1440W of +12V power. We didn't learn the specs for the 2000W ToughPower.

Last, but not least, Thermaltake showed off some processor and graphics cards coolers:

The V-shaped cooler is dubbed the V1. It's made of solid copper, has four heat pipes, and weighs in at an impressive 637g (1.4lbs). Its 110mm fan is sandwiched between two layers of heat pipes and fins.

And this is the DuOrb, a dual-fan graphics card cooler for GeForce 8800, 7900, 7800, 6800 cards and Radeon X1950, X1900, and X1800 cards. Thermaltake expects it to go on sale two to three months from now.

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