Quad-core AMD chips to come later than expected?

AMD’s presence at Computex last week was fairly low-key. The hot and cramped AMD booth sat in a corner of Hall 4 facing a massive Intel ad, and there were no quad-core “Barcleona” or Phenom processors that we could see—just a bunch of “quad-core ready” systems.

A talk with folks at motherboard makers revealed a potential explanation for AMD’s lack of showmanship: Barcelona and Phenom are late. Very late. One source told us that, despite AMD’s insistence Barcelona is scheduled for a mid-year release, the processor will actually hit servers in September. As for Phenom, Barcelona’s desktop cousin, our source told us not to expect that chip out in the wild until November or December.

We weren’t shown any roadmaps as evidence, but our source wasn’t the only one singing that tune. Nvidia told us its next-gen AMD enthusiast platform would launch in the fourth quarter simultaneously with Phenom. The folks at The Inquirer also recently spotted a teaser on AMD’s website that tells viewers they will be able to “Experience the Phenomenal” in Montreal, Canada on October 6. Right under the teaser, one can read, “Coming soon: AMD’s Next-Generation Client Architecture: The AMD Phenomâ„¢ Processor Family.” Evidence therefore seems to point to a Phenom launch in October with availability the following month at the earliest. That’s an awfully long time to wait, especially considering Intel expects to have 45nm quad-core processors out the door before the end of the year.

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