Zalman's Computex attractions examined

COMPUTEX — We didn't have time to write this up last week, but Zalman still had a surprising amount of new stuff to show at Computex. The company is largely known for its cooling products, but it was also showing power supplies, monitors, headphones, and enclosures. On the power supply front in particular, Zalman has apparently been quite busy:

On display was a line of new power supplies with wattages up to 850W. These PSUs are cooled by a single 140mm fan as well as heatsinks with heat pipes—a rarity in PSUs. The ZM850-HP 850W unit has active power factor correction, 86% rated efficiency at full and typical load, six +12V rails with combined rated power output of 720W, and modular cabling. Zalman says this unit packs enough punch to power four graphics cards.

Another major showpiece at the Zalman booth was the LQ-1000 "Hybrid Liquid Cooling Enclosure." This stylish-looking aluminum case works like a giant heatsink and relies on an internal liquid cooling system to transfer heat from heat-generating components to its panels and to a large heatsink positioned at the back, in front of the 120mm rear exhaust fan.

Zalman is also prepping a "gaming case," the Z-Machine GT-1000. This is an aluminum enthusiast case with 5mm-thick anodized aluminum panels, a window, and an enthusiast-friendly, tool-less design. There's a pair of 92mm LED fans at the front and one 120mm exhaust fan at the back.

Finally, on the straight-up cooling front, Zalman was showing a new graphics card cooler:

The VF1000 LED can accommodate Nvidia's GeForce 8800-series graphics cards, and it's made up of two layers. The first layer (on the right) is mounted first and makes contact with the card's memory chips and other auxiliary components, while the second layer makes contact with the actual GPU and cools it with a set of four heat pipes, a fan, and good old heatsink fins.

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