Tyan readies new mobos, quad-core ready PSC

COMPUTEX — One of Tyan's major showpieces at Computex was the S4980, a motherboard that manages to squeeze four 1207-pin Opteron sockets and 16 DIMM slots into an Extended ATX form factor.

As one might imagine, Tyan did cut some corners (literally) to be able to fit four Opterons in an EATX mobo. The board is only outfitted with one expansion slot—PCI Express x16—and it has "only" six Serial ATA ports. The S4980 is largely aimed at cluster systems, Tyan says.

On the Intel side, Tyan had a couple of workstation motherboards based on Intel's Seaburg and Bigsby platforms that will support 45nm processors. The S5211 Bigsby board will support single Xeon processors only:

Meanwhile, the S5392 Seaburg mobo will support dual 45nm Xeons:

The Seaburg board will come out in November, while the Bigsby board will be out a little earlier—some time in the third quarter, Tyan says.

Once we were done looking at motherboards, we asked if we could catch a glimpse inside the TyanPSC "personal supercomputer." This is the AMD-based T-540G five-node model, which is apparently "quad-core ready." Tyan says the system will be able to take only low-power quad-core Opterons, though—the firm quoted a max power envelope of 60-80W per chip. Nonetheless, 40 cores churning along inside a single machine the size of a mini-fridge is nothing to scoff at.

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