Get'em while they're hot!

Napster is heading back to court today, facing the possibility that they may be forced to shut down the Napster service indefinitely. Meanwhile, millions of Napster users are jamming the net trying to download as many MP3's off the service as possible. Here's a quote from a Reuters article on Yahoo news:

Millions of Internet music lovers have flooded on to the Napster music site for last- minute copies of their favorite tunes before an appeals court hearing on Monday that could force the service to shut down.

``Napster users are acting like kids in candy store grabbing as many MP3 (music files) as they get their hands on,'' said Stacey Herron, an Internet music analyst with market research firm Jupiter Communications in New York.

So if the 'net seems a bit slow today, blame it on Napster. :)

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